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About the Society

In fact, the idea of joining together for helping the ailing cancer patients struck us from the pathetic and heart-rending sights at the General Hospital at that time. Moved by this situation and out of compassion and humanitarian feelings towards the cancer patients, a team of volunteers formed a support group comprising of officers and staff of Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT). In order to extend the activities to a large number of patients, the Jeevan Raksha Charity & Service Society was formed in 2006. The society was formally inaugurated by APM Mohammad Haneesh, IAS (then District Collector of Ernakulam) on 30-05-2006. On that occasion medicines worth Rs.10,000 could be distributed to the poor cancer patients. We have 370 members now. The Society's main objective is to render support and financial help to the poor cancer and kidney patients.